Business Related Investigations & Business Consulting

Surveillance-falcon-investigationsFalcon 6 Investigations provides a wide array of professional, confidential, reliable business related investigative services and business security consulting to businesses, organizations and the general public in Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville and throughout the Greater Sacramento Area.  Some of those services include:

Back Ground Investigations

Theft Investigations

Business/Private Asset Investigations

Every case is handled with the utmost in confidentiality to respect client privacy.  All cases are handled with the best client service possible and we will always keep you informed as your case progresses.  For many, the decision to hire a private investigator or Security Consultant is not an easy one and we understand that.  Rest assured, we are discreet and professional with all our cases.  Our highly trained and experienced private investigators and consultants are available at you conveniance.  If you need our assistance contact us today for your free no obligation consultation.